CheckPoint 1.3.128 Released

This version updates the Acquisition data entry sort, adding in an option in the setup to set the system to sort by the time of the shots or by sequence number. The time sort option is also updated so it uses any deleted shots if no valid shots are available.

NavPoint 1.0.101 Released

This version adds a new SPS Header Editor application into NavPoint – allowing SPS headers to be created and edited.

There is also a change to the main NavPoint format checker, updating the system to use the new company geodetic library.

CheckPoint 1.3.127 Released

This version restores the sort option for the project items in the Project Navigation window.

There is also a fix to re-enable the filtering of the split reporting data tables

CheckPoint 1.3.126 Released

This version adds an option to display the age of the receiver data entry on the map, so this can be used to show how long a receiver node has been on the seabed. This option is in the map properties for the receiver data entry layer, and can also be turned on in a report map

There is also a fix to a bug affecting the saving of the Preplot map display state.

CheckPoint 1.3.125 Released

This version fixes a bug in the application of the “Settings by Date” options for monthly reports.

There’s also an update to the line display in the Attribute Manager to sort by Shot Date and Time instead of by sequence number

CheckPoint 1.3.124 Released

This version updates the Acquisition Data Entry page to sort the displayed list of lines using the shot date and time instead of the sequence number.

To activate this change after installing, go to Database Setup – Data Entry Options and click OK – this action refreshes the internal setup and sets the system to sort using shot date and time.

CheckPoint 1.3.122 Released

This version adds two updates to the acquisition shot computations

Firstly, for OBx Surveys, there are options to enter the line, production or chargeable shot totals into the data entry rather than have the software compute them from the entered shot range.

Secondly, for Line Acquisition surveys, there is now a settings to set the system to compute the line, production or chargeable shot count totals from the entered time shot numbers.

CheckPoint 1.3.121 Released

This version contains three updates to the cost computation functionality

  • Updated Cost Setup to include Comment Field
  • Updated Cost Computation Report Output to Include Item Total
  • Updated Report Data to include Cost Setup Table