CheckPoint 1.3.144 Released

This version adds in a Sighting by Source Activity summary into the reporting data output for MMO Surveys

This version also contains a couple of new MMO Templates – one for daily reports and one for weekly reports – which show how the Gantt chart option can be used to represent the Visual Monitoring effort.

CheckPoint 1.3.142 Released

This version contains 2 minor updates.

Firstly, there is a new option for the report name generated when publishing daily reports – the [SURVEYDAY] option inserts the day of the survey

Secondly, the system now includes a Preplot Line Complete Percent value into the reporting output

CheckPoint 1.3.141 Released

This version contains two updates

  1. The data available in the “Preplot Line Totals” report table has been updated to include the acquisition lines which have been shot into each preplot line, and the completion status.
  2. The system has also been updated to allow for the recording of simple MMO data in the Acquisition Shot Edits table.



CheckPoint 1.3.140 Released

This version contains the following two updates

  • Fixed Multiple Block Options for Consumable and Waste Disposal Data Entry
  • Updated Excel Import to handle General Numbers better


CheckPoint 1.3.139 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added an option for multiple vessel projects to remove a vessel from the combined survey reporting totals
  • Added a transparency option to the mapping of points
  • Updated the preplot loading to improve speed.

CheckPoint 1.3.136 Released

This version contains the following fixes

  • Updated Multi-Vessel Combined Acquisition Reporting Output to include Comments
  • Updated Non-Streamer Activity Comments to be editable
  • Updated Receiver Point Key Names
  • Fixed bug in Map Display Settings
  • Added Line Change Timing Summary Output

CheckPoint 1.3.134 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Date and Time Output to use System Date Format. This means graphs using the date and time option for a axis value will work regardless of the system data format selected in Windows.
  • Updated “Contains” and “Doesn’t Contain” report data filtering to allow comma separated search options
  • Added Golden Days Calculation from HSE Incidents and Technical Downtime
  • Added Support for Loading Operations from JNCC Spreadsheets.