CheckPoint 1.3.117 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added Option to Allow user to stop the syncronisation of a data entry item
  • Added Support for Receiver Activity by Vessel and Type summary for Point Receiver Logging
  • Fixed Display of Chargeable Km Calculation Setting for Multi-Vessel OBC Projects

CheckPoint 1.3.115 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added Vessel and Type Per-Day Summary For OBC Surveys
  • Removed Project Display Sort
  • Updated User Permissions Project Section Setup Window to Sort Displayed Options

CheckPoint 1.3.113 Released

This version contains a couple of updates to the sync process in order to handle data more quickly.

There is also a minor update to the Current Viewer, adding in 2 new date input formats.

CoverPoint 2.1.37 Released

This version adds in a export setting in the project options, allowing the user to control the bin origin position output in the P698 file H0900 record to be either the Bin Centre or the Bin Edge position.

CoverPoint 2.1.36 Released

This version updates the bin grid definition to correctly label the bin centre and bin edge options, and to provide graphic display of the values on the per-line bin map.

CheckPoint 1.3.111 Released

This version contains two minor updates. The ROV data entry has been updated to sort the events table by the ROV unit, and there is now support for multiple-block HSE data entry within a single database.

There is also a fix to a bug causing the Data Entry pages to show an invalid date.