NavPoint 1.0.95 Released

This version contains a minor update to the checking of Px/11 Extended Field Definitions as follows:

  • Updated check to enforce blank UOM Code rather than Zero
  • Updated check to read as much data as possible from incorrectly formatted definitions to avoid extra errors

CheckPoint 1.3.64 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • The system now automatically regenerates a report image caption, rather than using the cached caption.
  • The system has also been updated to handle additional RMS attribute format files

CheckPoint 1.3.62 Released

This version adds in two new macros to compute the row and column totals in a table. For the Data-linked Table a new Footer row has been added in so this can be used for the row totals.

There’s also two other minor updates

  • Updated Geodetic Settings Import to clear previous user defined objects correctly
  • Updated Current Data loader to add option to offset for vessel heading