CheckPoint 1.3.182 Released

This version updates the report output for weather data to include an option to output all the to-date entered weather data in a Daily, Weekly or Monthly report.

There is also an update to the Gantt Charts to enable the data axis labels

BreakPoint 1.1.15 Released

This version adds an option into both the SPS data and preplot loading options, which converts the loaded line name from a numerical value (e.g. “1001.00”) to an integer value (e.g. “1001”). This allows the system to match SPS v2.1 preplots with data in v1 and vice-versa

CheckPoint 1.3.176 Released

This version has a couple of minor updates to the report generation

Firstly, a Decimal Point Setting has been added for labels shown on the charts

Secondly, there are now a couple of options available by right-clicking on the Report Design item for a graph item which can set the colours of any bars or lines added into the chart

CheckPoint 1.3.175 Released

This version adds support for the Shearwater current format in the Current Viewer application

There is also an update to the Excel Import window to allow it to fit onto the screen when running under smaller screen resolutions