CoverPoint 2.1.48 Released

This version adds a couple of updates to the realtime output. This can now be set to output whenever a set of input positions are received, and a logging folder can also be specified to store all the output data

There is also an updated to ensure back compatibility with old projects when loading geodetic settings

NavPoint 1.0.108 Released

This version updates the system to use the latest EPSG database (v9.8.11) and updates the Bin Grid naming checks to handle the changes introduced in v9.8.5

The system has also been updated to build with Visual Studio 2019

CoverPoint 2.1.47 Released

This version adds in a new realtime output option, allowing for the output of a packet of CSV containing the bins changed by any realtime input.

CheckPoint 1.3.289 Released

This version reduces the standard table outline width output into PDF files, and also adds an option to change this width for every table in a report.

CheckPoint 1.3.288 Released

This version fixes a bug affecting image updating from the attribute manager.
It also contains an update to the P1/11 format attribute generation to add in Gun String separations