CheckPoint 1.3.281 Released

This version updates the SPS Import option to handle repeated line names in different line segments.

The system will also warn if the number of shots in the SPS file doesn’t validate with the number of shots in the loaded line segments

CheckPoint 1.3.280 Released

This version contains a couple of updates.

Firstly, the Gantt Chart report item has been updated to add custom date range and legend text addon options. The weather report data has also been updated so that this can be used in a Gantt chart.

A new option has been added in the Project Setup to set the colours of a setup table using a number of different colour schemes

Finally, the Individual Point Receiver Data Entry Summary has been updated to include the receiver activity.

CheckPoint 1.3.279 Released

This version contains the following updates:

  • Updated SPS Import for Lines to include a missing point count
  • Added a Receiver Summary for Projects recording Receivers by Individual Point
  • Fixed Missing Custom Paste Options for some comment boxes
  • Updated Receiver Mapping to allow for Per-Vessel Display and Settings

CheckPoint 1.3.278 Released

This version contains a couple of fixes and updates.

There is a fix to import shapefiles containing “PointZ” point types

There is also an update to the SPS Import for Line and Activity data entry types, along with a fix to identify SPS file versions correctly when the SPS file contains inconsistent line lengths.