CheckPoint 1.3.190 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Chart Settings, moving Show Zero value into Data Item settings
  • Changed ELSELESS and ELSEMORE macros so sense is correct
  • Added Option to Scale Map Displays (alongside existing rotation option)
  • Updated Equipment Manager to Show Items by Department
  • Updated Equipment Manager Sync
  • Added new =RM and =CM row and column mean macros


CheckPoint 1.3.187 Released

This version contains a couple more updates to the Line Log reporting output, adding in the midnight shot data as an attribute and adding in a table with the shot information

CheckPoint 1.3.186 Released

This version contains two minor updates

  • The “Settings by Date” tables in the Project Setup are now available in the Report Output data.
  • The Line Log Report Output data has been updated to include extra values as attributes

CheckPoint 1.3.183 Released

This version contains the following minor updates

  • Added Percent Option for Labels on Bar and Line Charts
  • Added Vessel to Source P1 Attribute Generation
  • Changed the scientific name for the South American Sea Lion from Otaria byronia to Otaria flavescens

CheckPoint 1.3.182 Released

This version updates the report output for weather data to include an option to output all the to-date entered weather data in a Daily, Weekly or Monthly report.

There is also an update to the Gantt Charts to enable the data axis labels

BreakPoint 1.1.15 Released

This version adds an option into both the SPS data and preplot loading options, which converts the loaded line name from a numerical value (e.g. “1001.00”) to an integer value (e.g. “1001”). This allows the system to match SPS v2.1 preplots with data in v1 and vice-versa