CheckPoint 1.2.0 Released

This version contains a major update to the multiple vessel options.

The system now supports two different options for multi-vessel operations, the original method using a single data entry table and selecting the relevant vessel from a field within the data entry.


The new method allows for separate data entry sections to be defined for each vessel


The data entry for each vessel can be configured


The entered data is available for reporting for both the individual vessels and as a combined output


It is also now possible to configure the system to use one of three display themes


BreakPoint 1.0.50 Released

This version updates the receiver comparison to parse the line number from the preplot line name in order to match against the line number parsed from the acquisition line name.

NavPoint 1.0.59 Released

This version updates the checker to allow for a positioning object to be defined in both HC,2,3,0 and H2,5,3,0 records in a P2/11 file.
There is also a user option to control the checking of the “Number of Objects Towed by this Object” totals in the HC,2,3,0 records

CheckPoint 1.1.162 Released

This release contains a couple of minor updates.

With this version it is now possible to use the Excel Import tool to load in a file containing Start and End Shots (or Stations) into a Data Entry table which is set to record individual points

CheckPoint 1.1.161 Released

This version contains a couple of small updates for land surveys. Skips and Compensation fields are now available in all land data entry types, and the system now contains 2D and 3D daily report templates for land projects.