CheckPoint 1.2.11 Released

This version contains a change to the land survey data entry, allowing for the entry of postplot line/point numbers and the loading of a separate preplot-postplot table which is then used to assign the postplot point to the correct preplot. It is also possible to display the offset points on the map

This version also adds in a per-day report output table for consumable use, for both the consumable item and the vessel which used it.

NavPoint 1.0.60 Released

This version adds in a “Converted from P190” checking option for Px/11 files. This option sets the software version and date in HC,2,1,0 as optional rather than mandatory, as these fields are not in the P190 file and thus cannot be converted across to the Px/11 file.

This version also fixes the checking of the extended fields in the N1 records.

CheckPoint 1.2.9 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates for land surveys. The Line and Shot Import in the Excel Importer has been updated to load a subset of imported field, and we’ve added a “PostPlot Number” field to Drilling Data Recording Options.

CheckPoint 1.2.8 Released

This version is a minor update. It fixes a problem that occurs when loading preplots from Excel or CSV files where the line name field contains a number of trailing blank characters. It also updates the Excel Import to handle switching between data entry sections correctly.

CheckPoint 1.2.7 Released

This version updates the Surveying monitoring options for land surveys, adding the ability to have separate data entry pages for source and receiver surveying if required.

CheckPoint 1.2.6 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates.

The option to perform a batch line import for streamer surveys has been moved into the Acquisition Data Entry page. The functionality has also been increased, allowing for the parsing of P190 files to setup the shot ranges, making it a lot easier to load in vintage projects into the system.

The batch attribute import from P190, SPS or STS files has also been updated to load the attributes following the file definition.

This version also adds the ability to set all the values in a table by right-clicking on the column header.


Finally, this version updates the DSEWPaC XML output and adds a couple of extra features to the Excel importer

CheckPoint 1.2.5 Released

This version updates the preplot loader so that additional points can be added to existing lines. There is also an update to the PDF output functionality to correctly report the error that occurs when a PDF file already exists and the software cannot access the file to replace it with a new copy.