CheckPoint 1.3.236 Released

This version contains a number of minor updates

  • The report map has been updated to be able to show node activity per specific preplot section
  • There is now an option in the map settings for acquisition lines to show a label of the line name or sequence number


CheckPoint 1.3.234 Released

This version contains two minor updates

Firstly, the “Add Attributes” button in the Multiple Data Link widow so that it doesn’t clear out any existing attributes when used

Secondly, the Current Viewer and P1 Mapper have been updated to load the NADCON datafiles correctly.

CheckPoint 1.3.233 Released

This version contains the following minor updates for Land Surveys

  • Updated Comments for HSE and Dairy for Land Surveys
  • Updated Weather Data Entry Options
  • Added Acquisition Summary Data Entry Option

CheckPoint 1.3.232 Released

This version contains three minor updates

Firstly, we’ve added a setting to the Data Entry Settings to control Comment Copy. When currently using the “Copy from Previous” options in the data entry pages, the system will pull the comments from any previous day. This setting allows this to be set to only copy data from the previous day, so if data has been left blank on the previous day it will remain blank rather than heading back to an earlier day when data was entered

With the new Data Group report design item, it is now possible to use the data group to quickly enable or disable a section of the report.

Finally, for data entry where a number of items is defined by the user and then totaled into summary tables, the system will now copy the comment field from the Data Entry through into report Summary Table.

CheckPoint 1.3.230 Released

This version adds a new Data Group report item, allowing for the generation of multiple per-month or per-preplot reports more easily. For more information, look in the help file under “Report Data Group Items“.

BreakPoint 1.1.19 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Report Display for High DPI Displays
  • Added Crossline and Inline Difference to Receiver Report Output
  • Added Option to Set Line Chart Axes Manually

CheckPoint 1.3.227 Released

This version updates the mapping of receiver activity for Multiple Vessel OBN surveys to ensure the data is mapped in the correct order regardless of which vessel performs the activity.

There is also a fixed to enable keyboard stepping between table fields in the data entry pages.

Finally, the “Minimum Production Km Per Day For Average” setting as been added to the report output.