CheckPoint 1.3.266 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added ability for users to change the right-click quick access items
  • Updated Copy from Previous Comment to only overwrite if the target comment is blank
  • Updated Acquisition to Activity Diary Import to use Minutes for Line Change Times
  • Added option to exclude concurrent sightings from visual and acoustic totals

CheckPoint 1.3.265 Release

This version contains an update to the calculations for reciever node deployment and recovery – the chargeable stations value now computes the unique by-preplot values for deployment and recovery and other activity types.

There is also an update to the Excel import to handle large spreadsheets more effectively.

CheckPoint 1.3.264 Released

This version updates the Excel output so that a report which consists of a number of tables will be output as separate tabs in the Excel file.

There is also an update to output the DOEE (DSEWPaC) report into an Excel spreadsheet.

BreakPoint 1.1.20 Released

This version contains two minor updates

  • Updated Source and Receiver Location to allow user override
  • Updated Time processing to handle years entered as “20” not “2020”