CheckPoint 1.3.259 Released

This version contains a number of MMO-related updates

  • Added Day Range option to MMO Sightings
  • Separated Sighting Colour and Symbol Options
  • Added Option to Count Duplicate Sightings in Totals
  • Changed Distance to Source and Bearing to Source Help Text
  • Updated Information box for Sightings to Show Range and Bearing information

There is also now an option to preserve the report map aspect ratio when a legend is shown to the right of the map.

CheckPoint 1.3.252 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added Search Option to Images and Documents window
  • Added Configuration option to change Duplicate Sighting to Concurrent Sighting
  • Added Options to Compute LTIF and TRIF Values

CheckPoint 1.3.251 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Fixed Mapping of Actual Node Position for Multiple Vessel Projects
  • Added LF, MF and HF Data Entries for recording Frequency Noise from PAM monitoring
  • Added Shot Edit Options for Triple Source Surveys