CheckPoint 1.3.215 Released

This version contains a couple of updates

  • There is now support for recording the activity of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) in a specific USV Data Entry page.
  • There are a number of updates to support dual line recording.
  • There is also a new preplot compression method to better handle 4D preplots.

CheckPoint 1.3.213 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates

  • Implemented Australian CSA XML Import (Internal Use Only)
  • Updated Mapping to Display MMO Operations where positions are recorded
  • Updated Activity – Category merge to work for multiple vessel projects

CheckPoint 1.3.210 Released

This version contains the following 2 minor updates

  • Added Block Option for MMO Sightings and Operations Data Entry
  • Added Spread Configuration value into Acquisition Line Reporting Output

CheckPoint 1.3.209 Released

This version contains two minor updates.

  • For streamer projects, an additional “Configuration and Type Summary” is now available in the reporting output
  • And for MMO projects, it is now possible to add in a Block option into the Visual and PAM Observation Data Entry pages