BreakPoint 1.1.20 Released

This version contains two minor updates

  • Updated Source and Receiver Location to allow user override
  • Updated Time processing to handle years entered as “20” not “2020”

BreakPoint 1.1.19 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Report Display for High DPI Displays
  • Added Crossline and Inline Difference to Receiver Report Output
  • Added Option to Set Line Chart Axes Manually

BreakPoint 1.1.15 Released

This version adds an option into both the SPS data and preplot loading options, which converts the loaded line name from a numerical value (e.g. “1001.00”) to an integer value (e.g. “1001”). This allows the system to match SPS v2.1 preplots with data in v1 and vice-versa

BreakPoint 1.1.12 Released

This version adds in a new “Split Shot Number” SEGY decoding option. This option splits the shot line and point number out from the Field Trace Number (cols 13-16) and loads the receiver line and point number from cols 171-172 and 173-174 respectively.