BreakPoint 1.1.8 Released

This version updates the report and receiver graph display to allow the user to cycle through individual lines more easily, along with a new option to batch output a report for each receiver line.

This version also fixes a minor bug with the determination of the first and last station for a receiver line.

BreakPoint 1.1.2 Released

This version adds a new decoding option to extract the line, sequence and swatch details from the acquisition line name by indexing from the right of the name. This allows for decoding names of inconsistent length.
This version also updates the time-based SegY imports to correctly set the source index number, and adds in a new feature to enable the loading of all SPS source files in a folder and subfolders.

BreakPoint 1.1.0 Released

This version updates the system to handle multiple SEGY files for each receiver.

NOTE: This version will require any seismic data loaded into existing projects to be reloaded