BreakPoint 1.0.46 Released

This version contains a couple of updates

Summary Bar Chart

The system now produces a summary bar chart showing the percent of items which fall within a certain range. The graph is available for display and as part of a report


Display of Line Name Decoding

The system now shows the decoding of the line name as part of the source and receiver tables


Per-Swath Processing

There is now a switch in the processing settings which will set the system to compute per-swath positions which are then displayed on the map or output in the reports.

BreakPoint 1.0.41 Released

This version updates the pick rejection settings so that these settings can be set globally or for an individual receiver.

There are also a number of minor updates to the map display and the pick outputs as listed in the version history.

This is also a fix to a bug in the comparison between the preplot location and the processed position.