CheckPoint 1.3.106 Released

This version fixes a bug in the Server Sync caused by importing data from an Excel file.

This version also fixed the Attribute Graph generation when entering attributes into an OBC project with Individual Line data entry enabled.

CheckPoint 1.3.105 Released

This version contains the following

  • Fixed bug affecting project reports in OBC Line Acquisition mode
  • Added Check to Ensure Manual Graph Axis Min and Max is applied correctly regardless of the order entered by the user

CheckPoint 1.3.103 Released

This version contains two updates

  • Updated the Weather Report Data to add in a “Last N Days” option – this can be set in the Data Entry Options
  • Upgraded Chart Date and Time Display Options

CheckPoint 1.3.99 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added Block to Acquisition Report Data Table
  • Updated Map Display of Receiver Line and Points to allow more symbols and colour options

This version also fixes the acquisition report attributes for Multiple Vessel acquisition data.