CheckPoint 1.3.46 Released

This version contains two minor updates

  • Updated Multiple Block Output to include Block, Type and Preplot Section summary table
  • Added Additional Preplot Export for new Tracking functionality

CheckPoint 1.3.44 Released

This version contains two minor updates to the weekly report output.

Firstly, the week title shown in the report page has been updated to show the week number and the start and end dates of the week.

Secondly, there are now two new options available for the published report title for a weekly report – [ENDDATE] for the end of week date and [WEEKDATE] for the start and end dates.

CheckPoint 1.3.43 Released

This version contains two updates to the attribute manager. It is now possible to set a scalar to be applied to the positions loaded from a P190, and to narrow down the available graph selection using a search string.

CheckPoint 1.3.41 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates for Site Survey projects.

  • Updated Plotting of individual line plan points
  • Added Km Preplot Completion Percent to summary tables

CheckPoint 1.3.38 Released

This version updates the batch P190 import tools in both CheckPoint and the Attribute Manager to load the linename from the P190 data (rather than using the file name)

CheckPoint 1.3.37 Released

This version updates the Excel report output to automatically adjust the Excel file to fill the cells with the entered text

There is also a minor update to the importation of Kp-based line plans, so that the FKP and LKP are computed if they aren’t in the loaded line plan.