CheckPoint 1.4.7 Released

This version updates the Copy Comments from Previous and the Excel Import

For the Copy Comments from Previous, the system would previously step back through the previous data entries looking for an entered comment and apply that, ignoring blank comments. Now, the system will only step back to the last entry regardless of whether this is blank or not.

For the Excel Import, this has been updated to better handle the import of timing data where there is one time per line in the Excel file

CheckPoint 1.4.5 Released

This version contains the following updates
– Added option to add zeros to imported SPS preplot linenames
– Updated Shapefile Import to handle MultiPoint format files
– Updated Report Generation and Graph Setup for Split-by-Day Tables

CheckPoint 1.4.0 Released

This version upgraded the Report Design Process so that each of the major report items uses a specific setup window.

This version also adds an option to turn off the chart outline, and adds a resolution setting for Maps and Charts.

CheckPoint 1.3.303 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates for Site Survey projects

– Added Site Survey Acqusition Total by Swath and Type
– Fixed Kp Preplot Total in Swath Tables