CheckPoint 1.3.86 Released

This version contains an update to the inter-database sync process.

In order to sync properly, CheckPoint needs to download the data entry status of the remote database. Previously this was only performed on a regular download frequency – usually every minute for LAN connections and every 5 minutes for Internet connections. Thus it is not immediately apparent if the remote database is changed in any way.

This version adds in an option to poll the remote database to determine if anything has changed. This small poll message is received very quickly and if it indicates the remote database changed, the local CheckPoint then gets the full status data notifying the user of the change.

For a local LAN connection, setting the “Maintain Connection” to Yes and the Polling Frequency to 1 second should allow instant notification of any remote database changes.

For an Internet connection, the Maintain Connection is set to No by default. It can be turned on with the Polling Frequency set to suit the local connection type.

As part of this change, the Sync process (both inline in CheckPoint and using the Sync Manager) has been fully tested and a number of bugs fixed.

For this new functionality to work, both the local and remote CheckPoint systems must be using v1.3.86

CheckPoint 1.3.85 Released

This version contains the following minor updates and fixes

  • Updated map to display entire map if no extent set
  • Updated Select Extent window, adding a Show All button
  • Updated Map point display to show symbol outline in the same colour as the symbol
  • Added data checks to ensure the date of loaded data is correct

CheckPoint 1.3.84 Released

This version contains the following minor updates

  • Added Daily Event Summary Per Day Tables
  • Updated Stacked Bar Chart to Show Linked Colours in all cases
  • Updated Date Restriction Option in Report Charts, adding Number of Days and Report Period Options

CheckPoint 1.3.83 Released

This version updates the OBC template to allow for an additional per-line source and receiver line logging alongside the existing data entry methods.

There is also a bug fix for the BP-variant JNCC output.

CheckPoint 1.3.82 Released

This version contains two minor updates for receiver recording. There is now an option in the database setup to enable the recording of sequence number in the line or point receiver data entry.

In Receiver Point Data Entry mode, the system now also computes a line summary table.

CheckPoint 1.3.81 Released

This version is now available with the following updates

  • Added Line Thickness option for Line Chart
  • Added Single-Mean and Fixed Width Running-Mean options for Line Charts
  • Added Merged Acquisition and Activity Tables into report output for Multiple Vessel Projects
  • Added Search Box to Data Link Window
  • Added Category Field to Multiple Chart setup

CheckPoint 1.3.77 Released

This version updates the reporting output so that all HSE attribute values are available regardless of the data entered.

There is also the addition of a Map Export Settings options to control size of images output to either disk or to the project image store