CheckPoint 1.2.21 Released

This version updates the Activity data entry to sort the available activities by both category and item.

This version also adds in a colour edit option for each data entry item in the Project Setup page

CheckPoint 1.2.20 Released

This version contains a change to the multiple vessel options for HSE recording, adding in separate settings for the Waste Disposal and Consumable data entry pages.

This version also updates the application of the infill multiplier used in the completion calculation so that this is now a straight multiplier applied to the preplot km.

This version also contains a change to the underlying library used to provide the sync interface.

CheckPoint 1.2.17 Released

This version adds the ability to record daily activities using a three level activity-group-category option as well as the existing dual activity-category. This option is currently only available for OBC surveys.

CheckPoint 1.2.16 Released

This version corrects a bug in the calculation of MMO operations timing sections for lines which run over midnight.

This version also updates the Processing Log to sort the lines by time.

CheckPoint 1.2.15 Released

This version contains a number of improvements for OBC surveys, including a new Processing Log option.

This version also allows a scalar to be applied (as a multiplier) to the imported P190 eastings and northings used in the attribute generation.

Finally, this version also streamlines the report design storage to avoid issued experienced by users with either large numbers or large size report designs.