CheckPoint 1.2.2 Released

This release fixes a bug introduced in 1.2.0 which causes the software to crash when attempting to edit the line number for a per-day acquisition data entry item.

CheckPoint 1.2.0 Released

This version contains a major update to the multiple vessel options.

The system now supports two different options for multi-vessel operations, the original method using a single data entry table and selecting the relevant vessel from a field within the data entry.


The new method allows for separate data entry sections to be defined for each vessel


The data entry for each vessel can be configured


The entered data is available for reporting for both the individual vessels and as a combined output


It is also now possible to configure the system to use one of three display themes


CheckPoint 1.1.162 Released

This release contains a couple of minor updates.

With this version it is now possible to use the Excel Import tool to load in a file containing Start and End Shots (or Stations) into a Data Entry table which is set to record individual points

CheckPoint 1.1.161 Released

This version contains a couple of small updates for land surveys. Skips and Compensation fields are now available in all land data entry types, and the system now contains 2D and 3D daily report templates for land projects.

CheckPoint 1.1.160 Released

This version includes two new tools which can be accessed from the main toolbar


The Current Viewer tool is designed for viewing Nortek current data files – this is the CurrentPoint application which was previously available as a separate product


The P1 Map tool shows a number of shots from a P1 file – this is intended for viewing 2D streamer feather, but will work for any P1


CheckPoint 1.1.159 Released

This version contains a number of updates for land surveys. The major update allows for the handling of sparse preplots, where the points on the preplot aren’t a regular layout from FSP to LSP.


This version also contains an update to handle the latest format Testif-I Attribute output

CheckPoint 1.1.158 Released

This version updates the system to compute totals of skipped and compensation shots.

This version also updates the attribute system to enable the loading of multiple SBS or CSV shot-by-shot attribute files, and also allows fixed axes on the attribute graphs.

CheckPoint 1.1.156 Released

This version updates the attribute system to allow for the generation of shot-by-shot attributes from P1, SBS and CSV files

These attribute graphs are generated from within the Attribute Manager.

For the P1 attributes, once the P1 file has been loaded, right click on the P1 file icon and select “View Shot-by-Shot Attributes”


This will display the attribute graphs


The attribute or a group of attributes can be selected for display using the dropdown list in the bottom left corner of the window.

For the CSV and SBS file attributes, right-click on the Line and select the relevant menu item


This will also display the attribute data loaded from the file, as both individual attributes and as groups


In the Attribute display window it is possible to automatically save an image of graph into the Images section of the CheckPoint database. To do so, click on the “Save Image” for each graph you wish to add and then click on OK. The graphs will be automatically added to CheckPoint and linked to the selected line


These images are also assigned tags so that they can be added into a Line Log report