CheckPoint 1.2.30 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Activity Timing Import from Acquisition to work with NTBP lines
  • Set default Shot Types not editable
  • Updated Project Download window to allow search
  • Fixed Bug in Selection of Options in Project Setup

CheckPoint 1.2.29 Released

This version contains a number of minor updates

The performance of the map engine introduced recently has been improved, and a memory leak removed.

The P1 map has been improved so that the shots are correctly shown using the entered interval, and the attribute import process for P1/11 files has been updated to compute error ellipse attributes.

The action and page links shown within the data entry pages now require you to click on the actual text of the link (rather than anywhere within the line as previously)

CheckPoint 1.2.28 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates

  • Added Activity Category for surveys configured to use Activity, Group and Category setup
  • Updated Options for Constant Values shown on Graphs
  • Added Side Margin Control for Value Axes in Graphs

CheckPoint 1.2.26 Released

This version contains a new mapping engine to provide better output in the mapping window and into the reports.

This version also updates the Internet sync API to block unexpected URLs for upload and download

CheckPoint 1.2.25 Released

This version implements a faster P1 attribute generation process, which doesn’t use the on-disk databases created by the old version which caused problems for some users with limited disk space. The system now also computes the inter-streamer attribute configuration correctly for P1/11 files.

CheckPoint 1.2.21 Released

This version updates the Activity data entry to sort the available activities by both category and item.

This version also adds in a colour edit option for each data entry item in the Project Setup page