CheckPoint 1.1.146 Released

This version contains a new project configuration setting enabling time logging in shot edits. When this option is enabled you can enter the start and end time of a shot edit and the system will compute and maintain the duration of the edits.

There is also a minor update to the report output tables ensuring that a zero value will be written as “0” in the table and not left blank.

CheckPoint 1.1.145 Released

This version contains a number of minor updates

It adds in the ability to handle attributes and import images from Verif-i’s Testif-i software outputs.

The magnetic and gravity computations can now be computed from either the line, production or chargeable shot ranges.

Finally, this version also fixes the acquisition report output data so that there are no blank columns.

CheckPoint 1.1.142 Released

CheckPoint Version 1.1.142 is now available.

This version adds the ability to bulk set the Data Axis Interval on a number of graphs, so that it is possible to set the attribute graph axis interval in one step.

This version also adds in the ability to delete individual or groups of attribute values for a line.


CheckPoint 1.1.141 Released

This version contains two updates.

Firstly, the “less than” and “more than” report data selection ​filters now work on date and time fields.

Secondly, a new option has been added to the report map allowing the selection of which acquisition lines to display.