CheckPoint 1.1.156 Released

This version updates the attribute system to allow for the generation of shot-by-shot attributes from P1, SBS and CSV files

These attribute graphs are generated from within the Attribute Manager.

For the P1 attributes, once the P1 file has been loaded, right click on the P1 file icon and select “View Shot-by-Shot Attributes”


This will display the attribute graphs


The attribute or a group of attributes can be selected for display using the dropdown list in the bottom left corner of the window.

For the CSV and SBS file attributes, right-click on the Line and select the relevant menu item


This will also display the attribute data loaded from the file, as both individual attributes and as groups


In the Attribute display window it is possible to automatically save an image of graph into the Images section of the CheckPoint database. To do so, click on the “Save Image” for each graph you wish to add and then click on OK. The graphs will be automatically added to CheckPoint and linked to the selected line


These images are also assigned tags so that they can be added into a Line Log report



CheckPoint 1.1.155 Released

This version contains a minor update to the reporting output, making the total preplot lines completed and partially completed available as a report attribute.

CheckPoint 1.1.154 Released

This version updates the completion calculation to include a setting controlling the production km value used. This can either be the Total Chargeable Km to date, or the Prime and Infill totals to date.

This version also updates the EPSG database to version 8.8

CheckPoint 1.1.150 Released

This version updates the attribute handing to allow for the case where two attributes loaded from different data sources have the same name. The attribute name available in the reports is now “STS EOL Unit Variance Mean” rather than just “Unit Variance Mean”. This change should be back compatible, all existing attribute graphs and tables should still work.

CheckPoint 1.1.149 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates to the output available for Land projects. It also adds a new option for the user to enter the expected number of Uphole or LVL points and then the system will compute the percent completion of these data entry items.

This version also adds in the ability to specify a time offset for Australian MMO projects, the system then outputs the data in both the entered time and the adjusted time. This allows projects recorded in local time to be output in UTC for regulatory purposes.

CheckPoint 1.1.148 Released

This version contains two minor updates to the Excel import functionality

  • You can now specify cell ranges using a colon – for example “A1:Z99” – as well as using a dash – for example A1-Z99
  • The system will now decode time values from fields which are marked internally by Excel as string formatted.