CheckPoint 1.3.197 Released

This version contains a fix to a bug affecting the synchronisation of report designs when the CheckPoint instance is both a server and is sync-ing to another server.

CheckPoint 1.3.193 Released

This version adds in buttons to add in the FCSP/LCSP numbers automatically from the selected preplot line.

If the number of run out shots is specified in Calculation Settings, the system will add in an LSP shot as well.

CheckPoint 1.3.192 Released

This version contains a number of updates.

There is now support for the compression of triple-source preplots alongside the existing dual-source option. This means the resulting preplot data is vastly reduced in size and thus the software works more efficiently.

There is also an option to update a line in the preplot using a postplot P190 data file.

Finally, there are a number of updates to some of the Export options to allow the user to more efficiently select the data to be exported when running big multiple vessel databases.

CheckPoint 1.3.190 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Chart Settings, moving Show Zero value into Data Item settings
  • Changed ELSELESS and ELSEMORE macros so sense is correct
  • Added Option to Scale Map Displays (alongside existing rotation option)
  • Updated Equipment Manager to Show Items by Department
  • Updated Equipment Manager Sync
  • Added new =RM and =CM row and column mean macros


CheckPoint 1.3.187 Released

This version contains a couple more updates to the Line Log reporting output, adding in the midnight shot data as an attribute and adding in a table with the shot information