CheckPoint 1.3.136 Released

This version contains the following fixes

  • Updated Multi-Vessel Combined Acquisition Reporting Output to include Comments
  • Updated Non-Streamer Activity Comments to be editable
  • Updated Receiver Point Key Names
  • Fixed bug in Map Display Settings
  • Added Line Change Timing Summary Output

CheckPoint 1.3.134 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Updated Date and Time Output to use System Date Format. This means graphs using the date and time option for a axis value will work regardless of the system data format selected in Windows.
  • Updated “Contains” and “Doesn’t Contain” report data filtering to allow comma separated search options
  • Added Golden Days Calculation from HSE Incidents and Technical Downtime
  • Added Support for Loading Operations from JNCC Spreadsheets.

CheckPoint 1.3.133 Released

This version contains the following updates

For projects logging receivers per-line, a status field had been added

The new SPS import now allows the user to select multiple SPS files, and applies the time offset from the Project Settings

CheckPoint 1.3.131 Released

This version adds an SPS Import option into the Data Entry Pages alongside the existing Excel importer. The old stand-along Excel and SPS Import Tools have been removed as this functionality is now available directly in the Data Entry import options

CheckPoint 1.3.130 Released

This version contains the following updates

  • Added Option for Custom Icon Colour for Vessel Group in Project Navigator
  • Added Vessel Type to allow for sorting vessels by type in Project Navigator
  • Updated Excel Import to show non-imported records graphically.

CheckPoint 1.3.129 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates

  • Added Option to Move Single-Vessel data to Multiple-Vessel, for when a database is converted from a single vessel across to a multiple vessel setup
  • Updated Display of Point and Km Preplots

CheckPoint 1.3.128 Released

This version updates the Acquisition data entry sort, adding in an option in the setup to set the system to sort by the time of the shots or by sequence number. The time sort option is also updated so it uses any deleted shots if no valid shots are available.