CheckPoint 1.3.246 Released

This version updates the internal handling of NTBP lines to allow for the case where the NTBP configuration item has been changed.

There is also a minor fix to the Batch Import Window in the Attribute manager so it resizes correctly.

CheckPoint 1.3.244 Released

This version updates the “Shot Points Per Square Km” configuration used to compute acquisition square km for Land and OBC/OBN surveys. Whereas there used to be a single value entered in the configuration, the system now allows the user to enter a Square Km and a Shots Total per swath. This allows the system to better compute the resulting square km avoiding any rounding issues inherent in using a single configuration value.

All existing surveys will need to refresh the configuration by entering the Data Entry Options and clicking OK, and then define the SPPSK table values

CheckPoint 1.3.240 Released

This version adds support for loading in BGP CSV Format Attributes

We’ve also added in a new PERCENT() macro to simplify the generation of percent values.

The macro is formatted as either PERCENT(VALUE1,VALUE2) or PERCENT(VALUE1,VALUE2,DECIMALS)

e.g. PERCENT(3,4) will output 75%.
e.g. PERCENT(3,4,2) will output 75.00%.
If the number of decimal places is not specified, it will be determined from the input data values

CheckPoint 1.3.238 Released

This version adds a “Preplot Line Completed” table and associated attributes to the reporting output for OBN projects.

It also adds in Category Counts for multiple vessel and ROV activities.

CheckPoint 1.3.237 Released

This version adds in a new TRIM macro, which removes any leading and trailing space or newline characters from a text value. 

There are also a couple of new field options added into the Receiver Node Data Entry