CoverPoint 2.1.26 Released

This version contains a number of minor updates as follows

  • Added Import of Edits from Orca ADF Edits File
  • Show Fold Value for Map Location
  • Updated Boundary Loading to allow for multiple boundaries
  • Updated Boundary Loading to load from a Shapefile
  • Added Linear Taper Bin Expansion Method

CoverPoint 2.1.23 Released

This version contains 3 minor updates

  • Added Bin Centre or Bin Edge Origin Option
  • Added Expansion Distance to Set from Perimeter option
  • Added Menu Item to Check License Status

CoverPoint 2.1.19 Released

This version updates the flex application to allow a new option to apply flex in both I and J directions at the same time.

There is also a new text export option to export the bin fill into a CSV file