CoverPoint 2.1.36 Released

This version updates the bin grid definition to correctly label the bin centre and bin edge options, and to provide graphic display of the values on the per-line bin map.

CoverPoint 2.1.33 Released

This version contains the following minor updates

  • Update Bin Grid Colours for Separate Flexed and Unflexed Colour Schemes
  • Updated Application Title and Main Binning Display to show Flexed and Unflexed Status
  • Updated Map Display Expansion to work with unrotated display

CoverPoint 2.1.32 Released

This version adds a new STR option to the CSV Edit Import for apply for whole line if no shots specified.

There are also new options to load the CSV file for all the Lines in the Survey, to clear all the edits for a line or for the whole survey.

Finally, this version also supports Black, Dark, Blue and Light display themes.

CoverPoint 2.1.26 Released

This version contains a number of minor updates as follows

  • Added Import of Edits from Orca ADF Edits File
  • Show Fold Value for Map Location
  • Updated Boundary Loading to allow for multiple boundaries
  • Updated Boundary Loading to load from a Shapefile
  • Added Linear Taper Bin Expansion Method