NavPoint 1.0.101 Released

This version adds a new SPS Header Editor application into NavPoint – allowing SPS headers to be created and edited.

There is also a change to the main NavPoint format checker, updating the system to use the new company geodetic library.

NavPoint 1.0.99 Released

This version updates the checking of Px/11 Positions by adding a “Minimum Position Difference” setting – an error message will only be shown if the positions are different by more than this value

NavPoint 1.0.95 Released

This version contains a minor update to the checking of Px/11 Extended Field Definitions as follows:

  • Updated check to enforce blank UOM Code rather than Zero
  • Updated check to read as much data as possible from incorrectly formatted definitions to avoid extra errors

NavPoint 1.0.93 Released

This version updates the system to allow the user to select between the JHS or USGS algorithm for Transverse Mercator computations. The system will also automatically detect the Sercel comment message detailing which TM method to use.