NavPoint 1.0.73 Released

This version updates the system to allow the user to set a level for each detected error.

There is also a minor fix to the checking P2/9x Magnetic Variation records.

NavPoint 1.0.69 Released

This version updates the system to fully check the P1/11 relational records

This version also adds in two new command-line tools for checking the IOGP and UKOOA formats

With this version, a 64-bit version of NavPoint is also available

NavPoint 1.0.68 Released

This version contains a minor update to the example position geodetic checks, updating the system to prioritise a geographic 3D position over a 2D position as the initial source position

NavPoint 1.0.66 Released

This version updates the example point checker so that the conversion is always checked in the optimal direction (e.g. checking from a geographic position to a grid position)