NavPoint 1.0.69 Released

This version updates the system to fully check the P1/11 relational records

This version also adds in two new command-line tools for checking the IOGP and UKOOA formats

With this version, a 64-bit version of NavPoint is also available

NavPoint 1.0.68 Released

This version contains a minor update to the example position geodetic checks, updating the system to prioritise a geographic 3D position over a 2D position as the initial source position

NavPoint 1.0.66 Released

This version updates the example point checker so that the conversion is always checked in the optimal direction (e.g. checking from a geographic position to a grid position)

NavPoint 1.0.62 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates

  • Added Required Records Checking for P1/11 and P2/11
  • Updated H2,2,2,0 record checking for difference between P2/11 v1.0 and v1.1
  • Allowed Base CRS for 2D geographic CRS’s
  • Updated Accuracy Error Message

NavPoint 1.0.61 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates

  • For the checking of the P2 records used for recording GNSS positions, the system now checks that a Geographic CRS is referenced
  • The line information now displays the CRS, TRS and Unit of Measure name.
  • The system now allows for the GROUPREF in a version 1.1 R1 record not to be pre-defined in the H1,2,2,0 record when the Convert from P190 switch is on.

NavPoint 1.0.60 Released

This version adds in a “Converted from P190” checking option for Px/11 files. This option sets the software version and date in HC,2,1,0 as optional rather than mandatory, as these fields are not in the P190 file and thus cannot be converted across to the Px/11 file.

This version also fixes the checking of the extended fields in the N1 records.