Reporting and Management of Land, Marine and Shallow Water surveys in a single package.

  • Easy to Setup, Configure and Use.
  • Generation of Fully Customisable Reports.
  • Statistical Analysis of Time and Production.
  • Powerful Information Displays
  • ¬†Fully Scalable Architecture from a single user to multiple users in multiple locations.

Easy Data Entry

Data Entry is designed to be simple and efficient.
Data Structures are configurable allowing CheckPoint to be easily modified to handle different survey configurations

Flexible Report Generation

The CheckPoint Reporting module extracts the data entered by the user and turns this into a bespoke report which can be printed or exported in PDF, Word or Excel formats.
The reports are customisable, with the user able to adjust layout and presentation, as well as to build new report layouts from scratch.
All common report elements, such as charts, text, maps and images are available.

Advanced Data Analysis

Data can be colour coded and presented in a number of ways to aid viewing
All spatial data can be shown alongside any external mapping content.