All our products use the Visual Studio 2015 or 2019 Runtime. This is automatically downloaded and installed as part of the product installation routine, but this action can occasionally be blocked by IT security systems, they can be downloaded here

CheckPoint Version 1

CheckPoint (v1.4.7)

CheckPoint Version 2

CheckPoint (v2.0.19)

When used for mutiple users, CheckPoint v2 requires SQL Server 2017. The free Express version of SQL Server 2017 can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft website – note the installer has an option to download the full installation files for use offshore. If this link is not available, the file can be downloaded here

CheckPoint Version 1 Tools

Web Data Entry Tools (v1.3.31) Web User Admin Tool (v1.3.0)
AIS Position Logger (v1.2.64) Freeware Version (v1.3.231)  


BreakPoint (v1.1.20)


NavPoint (v1.0.108)


CoverPoint (v2.1.52)


TargetPoint (v1.0.30)

TargetPoint (v1.1.0) Beta Version

Geodetic Calculator

Geodetic Calculator (v1.0.30)


Mid Point Tools for Windows Version 1.0.57
P190 Geodetic Converter Version 1.0.29