NavPoint Release Notes


Updated to Geodetic Library v2.0
Updated H2,0,0,0 handling so this record is not required


Added SPS Header Editor Application
Updated Format Checker to use Geodetic Library


Added Options to Position Check either the First Record or All Records


Updated Checking of Px/11 Positions to allow for a Minimum Position Difference


Updated Checking of SPS Files to handle files with extended shot time


Updated Checking of P2/11 T2,3,3,1 Gun Data Records to check Record Extension Fields correctly


Updated Bin Grid Handling to Accept Source and Target definition in either order


Updated Px11 Extended Field Definition check to enforce blank UOM Code rather than Zero
Updated Px11 Extended Field Definition check to read as much data as possible from incorrectly formatted definitions to avoid extra errors


Updated Data Checking to allow dates > 1900
Fixed crash with blank time
Updated Geodetic Parameter decoding to handle Engineering Format Values


Added JHS – USGS TM Algorithm Switch
Added Automatic JHS – USGS TM Algorithm Switch for Sercel Comment


Added Support for H2,0,1,1 Record


P294: Updated H24@0 for Single Group Definition


Added Relation Checking Application
P294: Fixed Requirement Checking of H00@9 when no waypoints defined
P294: Fixed Seismic Receiver Group Check for Groups > 1000


Fixed Checking of SPS V2.1 Relation Instrument Codes
Changed SPS V2.1 Linename format to F10.2


Fixed false error checking H1,2,2,0 with a single group defined


Fixed false error checking H2,2,2,0 with a single group defined
Fixed checking of comment record
Updated to EPSG v9
Updated Checking of Realtime Tidal Correction Records


Fixed Error Loading Badly Formatted Px/11 Files


Updated POSC Unit of Measure Check to use Source Precision


Fixed Long File Line Display Bug


Updated Detection of SPS Files when file has formatting errors
Updated Binary File Detector to avoid false positives when ASCII files have incorrect characters


Fixed Incorrect Definition of SPS v2.1 ‘X’ Record


Fixed Incorrect Field Count in SPS H19 Record
Fixed Incorrect Field Count in SPS H401 Record
Fixed Incorrect Field Count in SPS H406 Record
Adjusted Required Records Checking for SPS files so that Spare Records are not required


Updated the checking of scientific notation within P294 GPS records to allow for two interpretations of the format.


Added SPS Format Checking


Updated Ukooa File Display to Scroll Correctly with Large Files
Updated Ukooa File Check Progress to display Correctly with Large Files


Updated P2/94 H022# Record Check to allow for Receiver Group Count greater than 999
Reworked the IOGP File Viewer to load large files


Updated P1/90 Checker to check for unique buoy reference numbers per vessel
Updated P2/94 H51@0 check to allow for F6.1 entry as per format error
Updated P2/94 H51@0 and H41@0 to allow for Offset B greater than 10000m


Added option to handle secondary P1/90 position records without depth
Added Handling WesternGeco extensions (WA and W9 record) to the P1/90 format


Updated Command-Line Checkers to allow for check messages to be exported to file
Updated Command-Line Checkers to return the number of errors


Updated Checker to Handle P2 Magnetic Variation Format Error Correctly
Updated System to Allow Detected Errors to be Marked as One of Four Error Levels


Fixed Crash Caused When Checking P1/11 Seabed Files


Updated Checking of Position System for Physical vs Virtual Nodes
Updated Licensing to allow for corporate licenses


Fixed Incorrect Error when First Group is the same as Last Group in Streamer Definition Record
Fixed Error in Relation Record Check where Receiver To Number is less than the From Number
Fixed Relation Record RxRef check for streamer-defined groups.


Added Checking of Relation Records.
Added Command Line Utilities (Px11Check and UkooaCheck)


Updated Geodetic Check to prioritise the 3D position as the source point in the check.


Updated Receiver Group Number Checking to be Mandatory for Streamer Records Only
Updated Relation Record Checking for v1.1
Fixed Receiver Record Extended Field Checks
Updated Checking of HC,2,0,0 Defined Numbers


Fixed error in DATAREFTYPE description
Set Line Prefix Value Optional
Updated Example Point Check to always work from most accurate CRS


Updated UOM Check to allow scale difference UOM to have a base unit of scale
Fixed Incorrect Error for Record Extension Field Definitions with Variant List in the second part
Updated OBSTYPEREF for version 1.1 changes
Updated Geodetic Check Message to show correct CRS Name when converting a Geographical test point to a Grid point.


Fixed Incorrect Error generated in P294 T620x Records with Alphanumeric Receiver Number


Added Alphanumeric Receiver Number Handling for P294
Added Support for H800x Records
Updated Checker to allow for Format Error with Magnetic Variation Change definition
Updated Mandatory Records Check for P611


Added Required Records Checking for P1/11 and P2/11
Updated H2,2,2,0 record checking for difference between P2/11 v1.0 and v1.1
Allowed Base CRS for 2D geographic CRS’s
Updated Accuracy Error Message


Updated checking of H2,5,5,0 – H2,6,1,0 and H2,6,6,0 records to check CRS type is 3D
Added CRS, TRS and UOM names to checker display
Allowed GROUPREF definition to be missing for converted P190 files


Added “Converted from P190” Checking Option. This option sets the software version and date in HC,2,1,0 as optional rather than mandatory
Fixed checking of extended field in the N1 records


Updated Checker to allow nodes to be defined in both HC,2,3,0 and H2,5,3,0 records
Added option to control checking of node count
Internal Code Library updated to v17.0


Updated Longitude Axis Abbreviation Check


Added Coordinate Checks to M6 and first B6 Record


Fixed bug caused by internal changes in the EPSG Database


Updated Geodetic Library to use EPSG Database v8.8
Updated M1 Survey Perimeter check to allow for optional second CRS tuple in secondary positions
Updated P211 check to allow for optional Event Index Number


Further updated the Geodetic Point Check to handle compound reference systems


Updated Geodetic Point Check to check from the Geographical point to the Grid point


Updated Unit of Measure check to check EPSG code when a different data source is referenced
Updated Checking of Ellipsoids where the semi minor axis is specified in the ESPG Dataset


​Fixed additional date validity checks to allow current year plus one


Added additional geodetic checks for N1, M1 and H2,0 records (all points) and for P1,S1 and R1 records (first record of each record type reference)
Fixed date validity check to allow current year plus one


Fixed handling of coordinate accuracy rounding error


​Updated Floating Point Comparisons to handle decoding rounding error


Fixed rounding bug in checking of sexagesimal values


Fixed bug in checking of negative sexagesimal geodetic parameters


Fixed bug in handling of sexagesimal geodetic parameters
Fixed bug in handling of PI values.


Updated Hotine Oblique Mercator Code


Updated Base UOM Checking to check against EPSG definition
Updated Towed By OBJREF checking to run after initial parse


Updated text output to include checker version
Added option to turn off checking of unused items
Corrected error check location for transformation version
Corrected format definition to allow for optional transformation version


Updated Operation check to avoid erroneous checks when checking projection data


Updated Operation check to check EPSG CRS names even if the CO code is not specified
Updated Geodetic Checks to report correct location of error


Fixed checking of duplicate projections and transformations with the same EPSG code
Fixed checking of receiver group numbers with multiple definitions in a header line
Tidied up a couple of error message locations
Updated checking of survey extent.


Fixed Error Text in Node Number Check


Updated Checking of Float and Integer List types
Fixed Transformation Count Check


Added Checking for Unique Object Names
Added Checking of Number of Coordinate Transformations


Fixed Error Decoding Extended Field Definitions with no unit code
Fixed handling of Extended Fields for E2,1,0,0 record


Added checking of towed object and node counts in HC,2,3,0
Set system to check for a date in field 11 of HC,1,2,0 only if the relative flag is set
Fixed Checking of REFSTN in T2,5,5,0
Fixed Incorrect Search Results
Changed Error Messages so messages are not concatenated incorrectly​


Fixed false error when optional reference stations not defined
Fixed checking of raw data id in the DGPS data header records


Updated system to handle files bigger than 2Gb


Fixed handling of the Preplot Definition Records


Corrected a couple of v1.1 record and fixed field code definitions


Fixed implementation of H1,3,0,0 for both versions of P1/11


Fixed OBJREF definition from HC,2,2,0


Fixed Error in internal definition of H1,2,2,0 record


Added support for checking Ukooa P1/90, P2/91 and P2/94 formats.


​​Fixed checking of Reference Station definition.


Implemented initial support for P1/11 v1.1


Updated the software to use a renewed digital signature


​Fixed the checking of the description field within an extension definition, so that the check looks for an occurrence of the expected description, not the exact description.
Fixed checking to allow repeating H2,0,4,1 records
Fixed Format Display to work correctly for long records.


Updated the checking of the description field within an extension definition, so that the check looks for an occurrence of the expected description, not the exact description.


Fixed T2,3,3,1 GUNREF checking where the Gun is initially defined on a String Reference in H2,3,1,0
Allowed Error Ellipse information to be missing for External Positions in T2,5,5,0
Fixed incorrect CRS error for tidal corrections defined in H2,0,5,2


Fixed Crash in P2 Processing of Event Time
Fixed Text Error in Check Message


Improved checking speed


​​Fixed Incorrect Error when object defined in HC,2,3,0 and H2,5,3,0
Changed Check so Reference Stations ids are only checked per Satellite System
Added millimhos per cm
Allowed whitespace before integer lists
Allowed blank located on ref numbers in H2,5,3,0
Allowed blank comment records
Changed check so Gun ids are only checked per gun array
Fixed Checking of Gun Volume to allow for the case where the gun is defined on a gun string.


Updated EPSG Database to v8.3


​Updated Checker to allow for unicode notation in all text fields.,
Updated Checker to show CRS errors with better grouping.


Updated Checker to fix bug showing incorrect CRS dimension errors after checking multiple files


Updated Checker to check unused nodes in P1
Fixed checking of T2,0,5,2 correction value.


Changed the Update Server location


Updated Checker to show the name of any unused definitions.
Fixed checking of unused baseline observations.
Fixed checking of vertical CRS coordinates


Updated Checker to handle repeating M6 records correctly
Updated Checker to list unused Observation Types, Positioning Systems, Nodes and Observations
Set the “Format” display to tabulate the values in the clicked record


Updated Checker to allow GNSS Base Stations with no coordinates
Updated Checker to handle Unicode in Coordinate System Name
Updated Checker to handle Depth Axis Name Changes in EPSG Dataset


Fixed the checker so GROUPREF can be allowed as unique per streamers
Fixed the checker so the preplot records allow either Physical Position or Logical Position references
Fixed T2,5,4,0 Extended Field checking


Changed Vertical Error Ellipse components to be optional
Added Integer List for Receiver Type


Fixed checking of UOM defined against POSC but with an EPSG code
Fixed checking of streamer definitions for solid inserts
Fixed checking for multiple magdec items on a single line


Added format checking for DATATYPEREFs 20-30
Updated geodetic parameter error message so it is more useful
Added check for reference codes of zero.


Fixed error where a dimensionless base unit doesn’t have the same quantity type as an inherited unit
Added Message Export button
Added support for Bin Grid Transformation Method #1049


Fixed Bug where expected extended field count was not reset on running checker again


Fixed Display Bug where Highlighted Text wasn’t scrolling horizontally
Removed Prime Meridian Record from required records for relevant coordinate reference systems


Baseline Version​