Mid Point Geo Limited provides software solutions for the Energy Industry.

We specialise in providing software for project management, reporting and data management. We have a proven track record of success and a history of providing good quality technical products which are easy to use.

Our Software

We develop products for both general sale and bespoke products for specific clients. View our software solutions below.

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Unified Project Data & Reporting

CheckPoint is an advanced reporting and management system for Client Representatives, Contractors, Exploration Managers and Project Managers.

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CheckPoint software
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Streamer Coverage Analysis

Binning and Coverage for Marine Seismic. CoverPoint offers advanced data analysis and flexible coverage generation.

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CoverPoint software
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IOGP Format Checker

NavPoint is a format checker for the OGP Px/11 navigation formats, along with the legacy Ukooa P1/90 and P2/9x formats and the SPS format.

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NavPoint software
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Position Management & Computation

BreakPoint is a system for the management, visualisation, positioning and quality control of source and receiver points for Land, Transition Zone and Ocean Bottom Sensor Surveys.

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BreakPoint software

Geodetic Calculator

FREE calculator that performs geodetic computations based on an in-built, extensible copy of the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset.

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Geodetic Calculator

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