Geodetic Calculator

Geodetic Calculator

Performs Geodetic Computations

The Geodetic Calculator performs geodetic computations based on an in-built, extensible copy of the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset.

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The application includes a copy of the EPSG database and allows coordinate operations and coordinate reference systems to be defined. The system also supports concatenated operations to allow for multi-step operations to be computed. This calculator is TOTALLY FREE. The calculator converts coordinates between two Coordinate Reference Systems and implements the following Coordinate Operation Methods:

  • Albers Equal Area

  • American Polyconic

  • Cassini-Soldner

  • Coordinate Frame Rotation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)

  • Geocentric Translations (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)

  • Geographic/geocentric conversions

  • Geographic2D offsets and heights offsets

  • Geographic3D to GravityRelatedHeight (EGM and EGM2008)

  • Hotine Oblique Mercator (variants A and B)

  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area

  • Lambert Conic Conformal (1SP and 2SP)

  • Longitude rotation

  • Mercator (variants A and B)

  • NADCON and NTv2

  • P6 (I = J+90°) seismic bin grid transformation

  • Polar Stereographic (variants A, B and C)

  • Position Vector transformation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)

  • Reversible polynomial of degree 4

  • Time-dependent Coordinate Frame rotation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)

  • Time-dependent Position Vector transformation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)

  • Transverse Mercator

  • Transverse Mercator (South Orientated)

  • Molodensky-Badekas (geocentric domains)

  • Vertical Offset

  • New Zealand Map Grid

  • Oblique Stereographic

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